Dr. William G. Haag

DrWilliamHaagThe Atchafalaya Water Heritage Trail was inspired in large part by a driving tour developed many years earlier by  a pioneering archaeologist, Dr. William G. Haag Jr. 

Among his many accomplishments in the field now called geo-archeology, Dr. Haag co-authored what was probably the first guidebook for a geomorphological driving tour of the Atchafalaya Basin. This tour illustrated the Basin in terms of man's interaction with the land, water and other resources. Dr. Haag taught for more than two decades at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and served as Louisiana’s State Archaeologist from 1972-1977. View his Guidebook to the Atchafalaya.

To learn more about Dr. Haag's life and work, visit http://exhibitions.blogs.lib.lsu.edu/?p=145